Thoughts for the Month

   Ever had one of those times when you forget which hat you are wearing? It always seems that firefighters are involved in more than just one organization or group, or whatever. Then one day you go, what hat am I wearing today? Hopefully, it’s not just the fact I got another year older last month. Now if I just remember where I put my hat? 

   This month is St. Patrick’s Day. That one day in the year when a lot of people who have not a drop of Irish blood in them, suddenly start saying funny things, talking about leprechauns and craving green beer. I hope you enjoy the day.

   You may have noticed that the South Dakota Emergency Medical Association has not had any articles in the paper. The SDEMA has decided to go a different direction in communicating with their members. We are sad to see them depart but understand. So, if you are a member of the SDEMA and the SD Firefighters we tried to have it, so you only got one monthly paper. Now you should still get one paper, but it will be as a member of 100% Department Membership in your fire department. This same thing holds true if you were members of the SD Fire Instructors, SD Fire Chiefs or others, we try and have the mailing go only one membership. Please let me know if you get multiple copies. 

   I was reading Steve Hirsch’s article in the February/March Kansas Firewire. Steve is the President of the National Volunteer Fire Council and Kansas Firefighters Assn. He has come to State Fire School to visit with us. Steve said, “When we understand our past, it can help shape our future”. I believe that new recruit firefighters need to understand where your department came from, it’s roots. Not just about the big fires, but the humble beginnings, who shaped and formed the department, the struggles to even pay bills and the what it took to get to where you are today. 

   The 2023 membership drive is starting to wind down. I have sent two invoices to those departments who have not paid. If your department got its membership certificate and individual membership cards, you’re golden. If you haven’t seen those items, ask your chief or treasurer. We can’t offer the benefits if you are not a member. 

   Fire School planning is full steam ahead. Finishing up contacting instructors, and all the other preparations. The Boards goal is to have registration open in the next few weeks. So, keep a watch out for emails, Facebook and other means to register early. Just a teaser but wait until you see how affordable it is to go. 

   With that, I’ll close for this month. Wishing you all the best, train hard and safe. Remember to give your family a hug and tell them you love them. 

Denny Gorton, 

SDFA Secretary/Treasurer




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