Thoughts Before Fire School

   State Fire School is only a week or two away. As aways the last-minute rush began. That rush could be the State Board making final preparations, or firefighters around the state trying to get registered, motel rooms booked or a dozen other things. After this many years you would think it would be perfect, but it always seems there is some last-minute wrinkle that pops up. But don’t worry everything will be ready for you to come to Watertown and learn from great instructors, visit with lots of vendors who always have great items to show us, enjoy the water fights, time visiting with old and new friends, having a refreshing beverage and whatever else. So please come, enjoy and bring along someone who has not been to fire school before and let them learn for themselves.

   Along with great classes don’t forget to attend the membership meetings. I know, no one likes to go to a meeting. But it is important to keep up on what’s going on in the South Dakota Fire Service. Minutes of last year’s membership meeting, financial reports, memorial service, and other items make it worthwhile to attend. I hope to see you there. 

   The State Board has been discussing different ways to bring the monthly newspaper to each of you. For many years we have mailed it to your mailing address. We know that many firefighters would like to receive it via email, in PDF form, online or some other way. The obvious question we always ask is, do we have current up to date email addresses for all our firefighter members? The answer is no, we do not. So please help us help to get the newspaper info to you, by getting your email address to us. 

   This month’s article will be short, trying to get all the other items completed. So, remember to train, no matter how many times you have done it. The next call could be the ONE you will need all that training. 

   Take care.

Dennis Gorton, 

SDFA Secretary/Treasurer



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