Something New and Bring the Kids

   Calling all kids! And anyone that does fire and home safety public education presentations in their community. On Friday at fire school, one of the classes will be activities and fun for kids and adults. So, bring your kids and their friends! Ages first grade on up. It will be a great way for you to take home some ideas for your own presentations at schools, and a recruiting tool, as well.

   On Friday morning, NVFC Chairman Steve Hirsch will be presenting “Family Support Equals Fire Service Strength” in the volunteer fire service. The fire service involves the entire family and those around us. It takes more than your own desire and dedication to be a volunteer firefighter. This is something for the entire family.

   As we mentioned last month, the SDFA has made the switch! 

   If you have been to our website recently, you noticed the change. Likewise, we are asking for your assistance. Like any new changeover, it is possible we have some hiccups and adjustments to make. If you notice any errors or need for new information on the website, let your district director know so we can get the changes taken care of as soon as possible.

   I have always said, the only thing worse than no information, is wrong information.

   The State Fire School registration is open. If you have not registered yet, please do so.

   The Fort Pierre and Stanley County School is ready for our return. There are topics for all fire service levels, abilities, and family members.

   A couple minor adjustments. The Membership meetings and Memorial Service will be held at the Parkview Auditorium, across the street from the school. Otherwise, most classes will be at the high school or the county fairgrounds. 

   Reminder, if you have had a former or current department member that has passed away since fall 2020, we will be honoring them at the Memorial Service, at 5:30, Friday evening of State Fire School. If a family or department member would like to place the flower at the service, we graciously encourage them to be part of the service.

   If you have had a current or former department member that you would like to include in the service, send their name, a photo (if possible), years of service to SDFA Board member Mark Stoks,, by 5 June.

   Jeremy Walla and I attended the National Volunteer Fire Council meetings in Washington DC in April. We were able to speak directly with all three South Dakota Congressional delegates Senators Thune and Rounds, and Representative Johnson. We specifically thanked them for the continued support of the grant programs through FEMA and Wildland agencies. They were as concerned as we all are about the drought conditions across the state and the entire Great Plains regions. 

   An overview article of the NVFC meetings is in this issue. We will travel to Willmington, NC for the Fall NVFC meetings in October.

   I would like to congratulate all the high school and college graduates who are completing their final days of school and getting ready for their next goal in life.

   Stay safe,

Charlie Kludt,

SDFFA President

   Here is the answer and a new “Do you know..?” question of the month.

   April: “How much extra pump pressure do you need to add if you are pumping 20’ higher up into a house?” 

   5 psi for every 10 feet of elevation. Since you are going up 20’, you add 10 psi.

   AND, if you are going downhill, you subtract 5 psi for every 10’ in dropped elevation. If you were at the bottom of a 20’ hill, you would subtract 10 psi from your pump pressure.

   Did you know…? We all have a favorite color scheme for fire trucks. But, about 50 years ago, what was the color considered to be the “safest” for fire trucks? 





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