One day registration for drills

   Greetings membership, I had the pleasure to go out to the Northwest Iowa Regional fire school. I want to say congratulations on a job well done. They had record numbers this year both in participants and vendors.  This is good for us to see as training is always one of the major topics everybody talks about. Fire schools are important not only with the classes you take but the camaraderie that goes along with fire schools. In some cases you may learn more from your fellow firefighters than the instructors them-selves.

   I would like to thank everyone that has responded to some emails about their thoughts on the legislative session this year and some bills that will affect the fire service. Please look in your emails for a survey on the firefighter one training in Iowa. We are just trying to get information, to get a better idea on how firefighter one classes are going around the state. If you did not get a survey please email me and I will make sure you get one. 

   I would like to touch base on the one day registration for drills that Iowa Falls is offering this year. This one day registration has been talked about for the last few years, both pros and cons, but Iowa Falls feels that we should give it a try  to see how it goes. Iowa Falls is giving you an opportunity to register for this online and in person during convention.

   We will be following general drill rule number 11. Which states, all entries except drill number 10, shall be made before 8 p.m. the night before the drills are to run by turning over to the clerk or his designated assistant search entry ways properly filled out and signed by an authorized person. Entries for drill number 10 shall be turned into the above mentioned authorities no later than 10 a.m. on a day mentioned above. 

   Please help us out and have your teams signed up before Saturday. Along with this registration form all necessary drills paperwork is available online also.  

Jason Barrick,

IFA President









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