Bring back District Coordinators?

   Greetings! Well Old Man Winter came in with a Bang. We all know that the season, changes our response in several ways. We need to monitor our people for cold emergencies and rehab is just as important for cold as heat. Also, when working accident scenes remember to always face traffic and watch for vehicles losing control the same as the original did. This last snow, we had reminded this old firefighter to lift with your legs not your back.

   Firefighter Day on the Hill Jan. 24th is coming up, if you can attend to Help push our agenda, it would be a great assist. The more who can make it, the better feel they get that it is important to us ALL.

   At our recent Board Meeting (Thank you Grundy Center Fire for hosting) an idea was brought forward to go back to having District Coordinators to assist with Length of Service Awards, feedback from our members by them attending County/fire meetings and the dissemination of IFA information in a timely matter with better explanation. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this idea both good and bad. We as a Board are always open to new and better ways to serve you, our members.

   Yours in Service.

Roger Carr,

IFA President



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