Beresford house fire

Beresford Fire and Rescue were dispatched to a house fire in the rural Beresford area of Lincoln County. The residence was the home of Tim and Julie Larson. On arrival the garage section of the home was fully engulfed. Strong winds were pushing the fire into the structure at a rapid pace. Firefighters entered the structure to attack and stop the progression but had to retreat because of the intense heat and the strong winds driving the fire deeper inside the structure. It was determined that the interior attack was unsafe. The focus turned to an exterior attack to gain control of the fire. Once under control the firefighters were able to re-enter the home to knock down hot spots.  BFD were assisted by firefighters from Alcester, Centerville and Viborg fire departments as well as Lincoln County Law Enforcement and the dispatch centers from Lincoln and Union counties. Beresford Ambulance responded for medical monitoring of the firefighters. BFD was on scene for more than three hours. The point of origin has been determined and the cause is in a discovery mode at this time. (T.A. Mullinix BFD)   


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